giovedì 12 maggio 2016

Wip: Skitarii dominus and new beautiful things!!!

Ok as you have understood reading the title, first I'm working on my miniatures, second I have some -frankly for me- exciting news, but let's talk about these things with order.

The good news is that the last miniature of the Skitarii army, the tech priest dominus, is on the road to the finish: the rangers are almost finished, only a base us missing!

 It is more or less half painted - It seems that the progress is bigger, but there are a many small things to do-. The vest is a challenge after a lot of messy painting, and I hope it is pleasant.
The bad news is thst it is not the last miniatures for the Skitarii force because I've found a brand new box of Skitarii rust stalker at a good price, so why do not make wider my project?
Here the boy: the kit it is simply amazing: a quantity of details that you cannot imagine for only 5 "men". The problem is that it is frankly stupid IMHO to have such details but the choice couple head/body is compulsory!

By the way the kit is terrific and I suppose they are going to be painted like the Onager, to underline their mechanical nature.
With them arrives a nice box those guys,the iconic space marines!

I've on my to do list -or pile of miniatures to do- also 5 termies so I decided do do a small detachement of space marines!
Lastly the biggest news: I decided to enter the world of airbrush!
I'm excided to learn new techniques and styles, but also a bit scary because first I spent some years to reach my poor results with brush, and start  everything from nothing is creepy, but the enthusiasm destroys those bad feelings!

Also I hope not to broke anything: the kit is not too much expensive -super offer of 150€ more or less- so the airbrush is not the best in town, and I'm a bit more relaxed about use it, but a damage is always a pain in your...nose logically! In the kit there is also some brushes for cleaning, a tube
The first experiments are going to be the space marines: after those, maybe the second wave of Space Scum could pass under the airbrush. Ah, I have some ideas very coherent with this blog for the second wave pf Space Scum. So the program is done:
-Space marines
-Space scum
Hope to follow it and not to buy anything!
Any advice for an airbrush rookie?

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