lunedì 30 maggio 2016

Wip: Space Marines and... they are coming back!

Last days have been full of adventures and things, but let's proceed with order.
First the Skitarii Army is finished: in eBay has a discrete success, and I hope that somebody is going to find it worth of his money. If you are interested in the page "minis for sales and commissions" you'll find the link for those little cute human robots.
Pew pew pew!!!

I'm working on the first space marines unit of my life - the termies I've started ate the next-! The first three men of painting scheme test are ok -scroll the post to find if you are interested- so I continue to paint the last 7 men.

I'm quite proud of the results because it is the first attemp with airbrush. During you are reading the bases are drying out my house -pigment fixer is smelly-.
Maybe the thing that I love the most of space marines is that the minis stand on feet without pins or nothing else, I like balanced minis, they are confortable to manipulate!

I've already decided that those guys are going to be sold so I decided to paint a great quantity of weapons: the buyer is going to decide how to equip the marines.
However only during the last days I could paint them because the first time I use airbrush, I breathed too much colour- you can understand it when you find blue things going out from your nose to tour handkerchief!! So I decided to buy a mask: founded a good one on eBay it arrives some days ago.

I know that with this mask I can beathe also under water, but the cheaper ones were not too much satisfying and also not so much convenient. It is fantastic that with his I cannot smell anything: if I do not seem a kind of crazy man, I will use it to protect myself from smog!
After the airbrush decided to clog. Now it works quite fine, but he "spit" colour not too much fuzzy and I do not know why, the nozzle is clean! Any suggestion? I really need some help: the airbrush makes big spots, not the fuzzy ones that I'm expecting from it!

Lastly..they are coming back..maybe not soon..but more dirty, more dark..and gory!!!

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