giovedì 2 giugno 2016

Wip: working for the Emperor!

Hi readers!
Nothing like painting Ultramarines make you feel the strength of the Emperor -and of the mankind- in the 40k universe: I am not talking only about the background, but also their predominance on the 40k imaginary.

Let's be sincere, I'm a Dark Eldar fan, but 40k is equal to Space Marines and mankind.
The Ultramarines' relaxing and calm blue, the glorious gold, their powerful stances, their bulky and without too much details minis, tell their power.
Ok maybe I'm a bit poetical but I think that Space Marines Ultramarines have a great painting scheme not for the choices of the colours, but for the linking of what they appear with what they should represent.

This is why I choose this painting scheme despite my favourite loyalist painting scheme -and bg- is the Iron Hands' one.
However I'm not a great fan of soo much good boys, but this years seems to be the Loyalist one!
Painting them with airbrush is a great advantage: if it works well, in few hours you can have great colours with smooth transitions for a whole unit. Doing this with brushes needs few hours only for one miniature.

Four marines are finished with glued bolters. Last four are not going to have glued weapons because I decided to leave the decisions to the buyer of how to arm them.
I used also the vallejo liquid metal for the gold: the fact they are alcool based, they ruin the brush, and they rust (!) If you add water makes those colours very difficult to use but I think that their metallic finish is amazing.
I also think that now I cannot doing bases without pigments or enamel wash: I really like their realistic dirty matt finish.
Maybe next week those guys are going to be ready: what do you think?

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