martedì 23 agosto 2016

Tutorial: easy textured metal ( Imperial Knight part I)

Hi you all!
I'm working on the fully magnetized imperal knight. I decided to to a log of painting, doing step by step for some parts, like a kind of tutorial in different posts. As you can see, the title refers to the big project, but also to the part I'm painting, so it is easy to decline it to other minis.

As always the tutorial is not perfect, it is a bunch of idea to listen or trash.

I wanted a subtle metal, that is not going to be the protagonist of the mini, so I decided to make it simple and a bit textured, without extreme lights and shadows.

 After a hand of black primer- I used a massive quantity of it!!!!-, with my airbrush, I started to paint the great quantity of metal.

After an hand of boltgun metal, or how it is called now, I decided to sponge a mix of chainmail and boltgun.

Then a sponge of pure chainmail and some chainmail highlights. When the model is going to be finished, I'll decide if put or not an extreme highlight.

And my beloved Maimeri black watered down. You can use a mix of black wash and black watered down, maybe with a bit of brown.

Ah, the classic brown wash!

Last a sponge of chainmail.

As you can see the difference between the steps are very subtle. I have already paint the tubes with black and gloss

Metal finished! For this part of course, it is missing a lot!

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  1. I'm just bout to do this part on my knights as well! Thanks for the tips!

    1. It is a fast and nice way of painting metal, sponge is fantastic! Glad to be helpful!