giovedì 25 agosto 2016

Tutorial: fast bronze ( Imperial Knight part II)

Hi readers!
Second episode of the making of the Imperial Knight. Today, a fast method to do bronze.
The idea is that a part of it is going to be hot, so with the classic violet nuance, the other simply a fast bronze. The first steps are the same.

As you can see I have already paint some parts of the armour: I hope to do the tutorial also for these parts, however at the end of this post you'll find a pic of the work till now with and without making of.

First a hand of vallejo tinny tin.
Than a wash of watered down bestial brown. This is going to mitigate the shining of the metal.
When the colour is yet wet, a wash of watered down black.
After everything is dried, lets do the upper -and hotter- part with violet, I use an old purple lich.
On the lower part, another wash of watered down black.


For the bronze not heated, avoid the last two steps, and do an highlight with sponge and a mix of tinny tin and chainmail 50%/50%.
State of the mini.

As already said, sometimes I prefere to paint some parts to see the general result: here we go!

I do not know how to paint the trims on the armour, if glossy black - oh rly?- or a patinated metal. I think that I'm going to paint the missing parts of the body armour then I'll decide with a more complete vision.

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